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Estate Planning

Wills – Mark assists clients by drafting Wills that meet their needs for leaving assets to their heirs and any other chosen beneficiaries. Mark conducts a thorough interview with all prospective estate planning clients to ensure their Will meets their exact needs and wishes for their estate plan.

Trusts – Mark assists clients in determining if they need to create a trust to protect their residence, a beneficiary with special needs, or for other financial and tax reasons. He then works with clients to draft and execute trusts to meet those needs when appropriate.

Powers of Attorney – Mark drafts both specific and general Powers of Attorney for clients. Specific Powers of Attorney allow clients to designate an individual to act on their behalf under specific circumstances or for a specific transaction or purpose. General Powers of Attorney allow clients to designate an individual to act on their behalf for a broader range of transactions and purposes.

Living Will/Healthcare Directive – Mark drafts Healthcare Directives for clients which allow them to set forth their wishes regarding end of life medical care and designate who has the authority to carry out those wishes in the event of emergency.

Probate/Administration – Mark assists clients named as Executors with the Probate process, including the requirements of probating an estate, inheritance and estate tax issues, including obtaining tax waivers from the State of New Jersey. Mark also advises clients with “Intestacy” (estates without a Will) issues, including the appointment of an Administrator, Renunciations and other necessary legal procedures to administer the estate.


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