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Insurance Coverage – If your insurance company has denied a claim or if you are having difficulty getting a determination on an insurance claim, Mark can review your claim and advise you regarding your rights under an insurance policy.

Contract Disputes – If you feel someone has breached a contract you have entered into or if you are being accused of breaching a contract, Mark will review your situation and advise you regarding your potential claims or defenses.

Small Business – Mark defends small business clients when litigation arises in a variety of contexts. He also assists small business clients with collection issues, including collection litigation when necessary.

Estate – Mark frequently litigates cases involving disputes over Wills and Trusts and also situations where there is a dispute regarding insurance policy benefits and other assets passing outside of a Will. Mark also handles intestacy litigation when a dispute arises over an estate where there is no Will.

Consumer Fraud – New Jersey has a broad Consumer Fraud Act and Mark consults with consumers and businesses regarding their rights and obligations in transactions which fall under the Consumer Fraud Act.


    Law Office of Mark A. Kriegel, LLC
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    Ewing, NJ 08618
    Phone: 609-883-5133
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